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1. What is Empire Sapphire Equestrian?
Empire Sapphire Equestrian is a brand of equestrian and sportswear, created to support all women and girls who have a passion for the sport. We also seek to create a space for unlimited communication, where all of us who are immersed in this world, can exchange information, advice, etc., to help us with our training, horses, or even in the daily life of a rider or Amazon.
When we say support, we mean a way to facilitate the accessibility of the client to our products, both economically and in the purchase process and their situation, since we are addressing an amateur sportsman, not professional. In our opinion the vast majority of brands offer a perfect product for this type of riders and amazons who are dedicated full time to riding and can direct a greater part of their income to expenses of this type, which are not ceasing to be items of “luxury” and not “need”.

We offer sports products in addition to technical clothing, as another of our objectives is to achieve the visualization of riding as a team sport, where in addition to a good training for the horse, we believe necessary the preparation of each rider.

2. What drove or inspired you to start your own entrepreneurial project?
Since I was a child I have always been a great lover of animals, nature… Horses occupy an important place in my life, and what was clear to me was the desire and need to dedicate myself to something that would make me happy and allow the continuation of my personal development, something that makes me really happy, and that I only get by the side of these animals.

Sadly, building a working life that allows you to live independently and peacefully in the world of horses is really complicated. Therefore, I have given free rein to my creativity and my other passion that is fashion, to achieve a synergy that for me is perfect. Besides this, why not, try to achieve a certain change in the equestrian fashion items, which has always been constituted by the same code.

3. Why did you decide to give it this name?
Jajaja this name has been the result of giving a lot of thought to the head, since not only was looking for a cool name, but something that identified the design of the brand, and differentiated it from the rest. Something youthful and fresh. Empire Sapphire, “Sapphire Empire”. Sapphire is the gemstone par excellence of Egypt, a country with very specific fashion structures, as well as the blue color of sapphire, which identify almost perfectly my designs and ideas with which little by little this brand is growing. The word empire, arose as a representation of the importance we want to offer all those non-professional amazons their place in this sport.

4. How did your interest in fashion and this sector come about?
As I told you, I have always been passionate about animals. I have felt much more comfortable in the company of these, even before with other people.
Fashion, on the other hand, I abhorred it as a child. In the country and with a sweatshirt I felt great.
It was when I began to grow and mature, that I began to give it greater importance, but only for its concept of expression. I don’t like dressing and feeling the same as the rest. That’s why I intend to expand the range and possibilities within the equestrian world.

5. Why did you choose to launch a crowdfunding campaign?
I made the decision impulsively. Empire Sapphire Equestrian had been in my head for a year and a half. I was working on paper, I didn’t see anything materialised, and I felt that creating a crowdfunding campaign would give me the opportunity to launch myself into the market and also know the opinion of my future client and forget about thinking about the perfect moment to launch the brand. Just do it.

6. What were the main objectives of the campaign?
The main objective for which I launched the campaign, was to know the feedback we would receive once we know the personality and the objective we seek, and see some of the prototypes that we have taken out on social networks. As a secondary objective, I thought it would be a good idea to contrast the reality of the opinions that we received: the possibility of supporting us with monetary contributions. It is there I believe, the moment in which they decide or not to invest in your idea, your project, when you can really know their real opinion.

7. How did you define the rewards?
I defined the rewards in a cumulative way. According to the greater amount contributed, I added one more reward. Look for rewards related to the brand but also experiences on horseback, to be able to classify a little the cause of the contribution or support; and to be able to get an idea of if the patrons were related to the world of the horse or not. Someone who is not interested in this would not look for a horse experience for example…

8. What was the economic objective of the campaign?
The economic objective of the campaign was initially €2,700. Giving the option and the knowledge that it could be surpassed, and that if this was achieved, they would be giving us the opportunity to grow more and faster.
We finally reached €6,009 raised, with a variety of amazing patrons, to whom I can not be more grateful.

9. What happened after the campaign was financed?
After achieving the funding goal, we are being advised so that every step we take is firm and safe.
What I don’t want is that because I have that money in my pocket and have the possibility of spending it, I burn myself and use it without first thinking about each option or possibility.
I have promised all my patrons that they will be informed about every important step Empire Sapphire Equestrian will take, and I want all the confidence invested in me and the brand to bring them coherent decisions and necessary investments.

10. What are the plans for the future from here?
Pfff, when you talk to me about future plans, I have to cling to the present, because I dream a lot and big with everything this brand can give me. And I hope I can give it to her. Empire Sapphire is like a new companion I have in my life, to whom I wish the best. And not like something I own. Once I was clear about this, my first short-term action plans are to work on the designs, to be able to offer what the brand really means or I want it to mean for the world of riding. Different, functional and personal.
The future plans that most excite me, are all the trips I will have to make to know what else is out there that I do not know. To travel to all the equestrian fashion fairs, innovations in textile fashion… and of course, to start sales with strength, being present in all the social, territorial and national contests; and of course, to continue growing without thinking about any type of roof. That they know us and we also know many more brave athletes who want to be part of our team, which will make us stronger, also contributing opinions on our products and possible improvements. Because Empire Sapphire exists only for us. Amateur riders who love the world of horses, nature and sport…

*What do you take with you or what has it brought you to have participated in the Creative Business Studio program?
Participating in the Creative Business Studio has encouraged me to work on what was just an idea that I hadn’t told anyone. Meet other entrepreneurs with the same enthusiasm and energy with which I got there, you just wanted to know, ask … Also hear successful experiences and not so successful entrepreneurs who in their day began the journey in their projects like us, I think it is the most enriching thing that I take of this program. Knowing that it is possible, and that there really is no magic formula that will lead you to success.


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